Saturday, 21 February 2009

My Addiction to Sweets

I love sweets, and I have four fillings to prove it. I haven’t been to the dentist for a while (does that make me gross?) so I probably need a couple more. It isn’t just the taste that I love, but the childish excitement and childhood memories that come with sweets. I am still mourning the loss of Woolworths and the Pic ‘n’ Mix – every Saturday after ballet class I was at the Pic ‘n’ Mix as a child.

Today I went to a fantastic sweet shop called Mr Simms’ Olde Sweet Shoppe in Falmouth, where I and all the fellow Pic ‘n’ Mix mourners were. Even though this sweet shop is better than Pic ‘n’ Mix – better than any sweet shop that I could pick from my imagination even, that is how good Mr Simms’ Olde Sweet Shoppe is.

Hundreds of jars of traditional sweets, specialist sweets, favourites, Pic ‘n’ Mix – even better than Woolworths, trays of lollies, foot long marshmallow, popping candy, and a separate section for chocolate, but that section didn’t bring as much excitement as the sweet section. The shop was packed with excitement from children, but also adults seeing sweets that they hadn’t seen for years. I found some fish and chips, which are white chocolate shaped like fish and chips. The last time I saw them was in my local newsagents, which shut over a decade ago – 6p a portion they were. Sigh.

Children must have sweets, yes I have four fillings, yes they are bad for you, but the memories, the fun, and the excitement make it all worth it. Maybe I am addicted, but I don’t plan to recover.

Friday, 13 February 2009

I am a stylist!

I’ve had quite a busy week, as I have had to do my work in the evenings after University. I am at Wed magazine on Monday and Tuesday! I am excited as I am helping out with the styling and cover shoot! I know it’s not writing, but I don’t really care as it will be useful and I love clothes and accessories so to me it sounds fantastic! I am not looking for the hour drive there and back though! Then again people commute all the time in the city. I would prefer it if it was an hour on the train then I could get my work done. I commuted to Plymouth and I would have my books read before anyone else, because I did it on the train! Maybe some days I will get the train from Truro…
Anyway, I am reading a fantastic book called Girlfriend in a Coma, Douglas Coupland – read it! Even though, as usual, I haven’t had time to finish it yet.
Still working on a feature on the controlled currency in Venezuela with views my friend’s, who lives in Venezuela. I am trying to keep it as balanced as possible and put as much as my friend in it too. It is a big subject.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Snow and Stuff

Another week has gone. It scares me how they go so fast. First I will mention the snow, as I can’t not mention the snow, especially as I live in Cornwall where it hardly ever snows. Yes it snowed. On Monday and Tuesday, and it looked most lovely, as snow does. I am glad that I didn’t have to go anywhere on Monday or Tuesday, and it was kind enough to melt away in time for my seminars on Wednesday. Enough on snow, because quite frankly I am completely snowed out by the media coverage etc.
This week I have been to Uni to the usual seminars, and I am training in ‘In Design’, which may come in handy, but technology doesn’t half make me sleepy. We were a computer suite and being surrounded by computers and no natural light makes me so tired – maybe a solution for insomniacs.
Yesterday me and my cousin (who took the photos) went to interview two Falmouth artists Yolanda Mack and Sarah Bunker (for, who were both very nice and it was nice to spend some time in Falmouth. I am supposed to be going to a Photography exhibition on Monday in Falmouth – open bar.