Saturday, 28 March 2009

Now Online

Note: First week at Now online, and I am learning lots of new techy-stuff like content management systems and META key words. I never considered myself to be a techy person, but hey it helps today. I will probably do more writing next week hopefully.
I am enjoying the pace of London - even though 9-5 always makes me feel that I am just working all week, with no spare time - welcome to the really world!
The building is daunting it is huge, modern with 12 floors.

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Credit Crunch Car Boot

It’s the credit crunch blah blah blah – it doesn’t actually make any difference to me as I am always skint. I decided to have a car boot today. Perfect timing I thought with the credit crunch in full swing people will buy loads of my clothes and other rubbish I don’t want anymore. I priced them really cheap, let people heckle them down even more, and I made - £6. After all the hours of pricing, finding everything, moving the boxes in, doing the car boot, £6! That’s less than a pound an hour for my hard work. I guess it’s so bad now that people can’t even afford to spend 50p on a few tops. How depressing.
A quick run down of the week. I was at Wed again Monday and Tuesday, and I went to a hair shoot, which was fun. I like that I got to do other stuff there too aside from writing. I have just been working really, writing a lot and re-editing my features. I am doing publicity for a website called Bloc, which will be good PR experience, as jobs for writers aren’t looking so good in these financial times…

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Eating, working and doing a whole lot of not enough…

Started off the week with being in the office at Wed and on the Tuesday I went to this food shoot, which was very exciting as we got to eat the food after! It was a shame it had to be photographed first and therefore went cold, but great food nevertheless. I had a few starters and a whole desert by The Round Kitchen – who do the best food if you are looking for some wedding caterers in Cornwall.

I’ve spent the rest of the week doing some work, but not enough of it – I have several features that I have to improve, but I haven’t got around to it. I spent most of yesterday wondering what I should write for an opinion feature, but I have now decided to write a piece on being frugal with fashion. I am glad I’ve decided now, as I was really stressing out about what to write about!

Today I went to Bodmin to write some stuff about the Bodmin gaol and Lanhydrock house for this Manifesta bid (a bid for a biennial European art festival and Cornwall is bidding for it to be hosted here). I took some photos and that, but I should have probably gone in the buildings, but I am too skint, and I have been there before. I keep volunteering myself for things that involve more and more work, as I promised myself that I would volunteer for lots of things on this MA!

Must go now – meant to be going to Watergate bay to listen to some Irish music! Should be doing work…

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Quick update of work exp. etc

I have had a great week at Wed magazine ( I love that it isn’t a conventional wedding magazine and has a fun cover – instead of a cheesy bride on the front!
Absolutely knackered though (2hour round trip and Uni work to do on top!)! But, it’s worth it! I am there again on Monday and Tuesday. I am looking forward to Tuesday as I get to go to a food shoot, and eat the food after! Hope they have some good desserts!
It has been really good to get an overview of a whole magazine, as it is on a much smaller scale than any newspaper/magazine that I have been too before. It will be completely different to NOW at the end of the month.
It’s really helping me in my writing and making me think and know what to do for my MA project in the summer (I plan to launch my own magazine, or prepare to rather – it’s still a little sketchy). Anyway, this is a quick one! Bye