Sunday, 1 March 2009

Quick update of work exp. etc

I have had a great week at Wed magazine ( I love that it isn’t a conventional wedding magazine and has a fun cover – instead of a cheesy bride on the front!
Absolutely knackered though (2hour round trip and Uni work to do on top!)! But, it’s worth it! I am there again on Monday and Tuesday. I am looking forward to Tuesday as I get to go to a food shoot, and eat the food after! Hope they have some good desserts!
It has been really good to get an overview of a whole magazine, as it is on a much smaller scale than any newspaper/magazine that I have been too before. It will be completely different to NOW at the end of the month.
It’s really helping me in my writing and making me think and know what to do for my MA project in the summer (I plan to launch my own magazine, or prepare to rather – it’s still a little sketchy). Anyway, this is a quick one! Bye

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