Saturday, 14 March 2009

Credit Crunch Car Boot

It’s the credit crunch blah blah blah – it doesn’t actually make any difference to me as I am always skint. I decided to have a car boot today. Perfect timing I thought with the credit crunch in full swing people will buy loads of my clothes and other rubbish I don’t want anymore. I priced them really cheap, let people heckle them down even more, and I made - £6. After all the hours of pricing, finding everything, moving the boxes in, doing the car boot, £6! That’s less than a pound an hour for my hard work. I guess it’s so bad now that people can’t even afford to spend 50p on a few tops. How depressing.
A quick run down of the week. I was at Wed again Monday and Tuesday, and I went to a hair shoot, which was fun. I like that I got to do other stuff there too aside from writing. I have just been working really, writing a lot and re-editing my features. I am doing publicity for a website called Bloc, which will be good PR experience, as jobs for writers aren’t looking so good in these financial times…

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Samantha Cooper said...

Wow very good doing a car boot! Although doesn't sound like it was worth it! Where was it held, sounds like it was pretty dead there.

Your work experience at wed mag sounds fab, I'm looking forward to hearing about it!