Monday, 6 April 2009

Can’t eat, still haven’t slept, or stopped

So I am back from the ‘big smoke’, and I have had a weird stomach which won’t allow me to eat lots of food anymore else it goes into a complete spasm for about four hours. It could be a good thing I guess, as I can no longer over-eat. So, Now was a great experience for online stuff, key words and links for SEO (Search engine optimisation – I know what that stands for now, oh yes). Web writing is so different, well in this case (celebrity gossip), strict structure and very formulaic. I found it quite hard, but I imagine once you’ve done it twenty times it’s pretty easy – maybe - actually, don’t hold me to that!

I have been working since I got back with all my jobs needing me (Easter, Newqay, credit crunch = busy) and I have work to do, and a hen party to organise. Sigh, no rest for me, so so tired.


sara carney said...

Claire, won't go into details here, but I've sent you a private message on Facebook XX

fullmarty said...

Don't forget to book the stripper for the hen party.

Clare said...

ahhh no way!