Saturday, 7 March 2009

Eating, working and doing a whole lot of not enough…

Started off the week with being in the office at Wed and on the Tuesday I went to this food shoot, which was very exciting as we got to eat the food after! It was a shame it had to be photographed first and therefore went cold, but great food nevertheless. I had a few starters and a whole desert by The Round Kitchen – who do the best food if you are looking for some wedding caterers in Cornwall.

I’ve spent the rest of the week doing some work, but not enough of it – I have several features that I have to improve, but I haven’t got around to it. I spent most of yesterday wondering what I should write for an opinion feature, but I have now decided to write a piece on being frugal with fashion. I am glad I’ve decided now, as I was really stressing out about what to write about!

Today I went to Bodmin to write some stuff about the Bodmin gaol and Lanhydrock house for this Manifesta bid (a bid for a biennial European art festival and Cornwall is bidding for it to be hosted here). I took some photos and that, but I should have probably gone in the buildings, but I am too skint, and I have been there before. I keep volunteering myself for things that involve more and more work, as I promised myself that I would volunteer for lots of things on this MA!

Must go now – meant to be going to Watergate bay to listen to some Irish music! Should be doing work…

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Pete London said...

Irish music sounds fun, where's that being held? Sorry about yer car boot!