Monday, 5 January 2009

January Blues

This is my first blog for a while, after a long break from Uni. I feel like I have been off for ages, and I am getting kind of bored with being off now, as Christmas and New Year have gone, and I have recovered I feel like I should be doing something. I wish I had a job at the moment too, so that I would be bringing a bit of money in at least. I walked into town today to go the job centre, so I would feel productive, and there were only 3 jobs. I wasn't really expecting many jobs, but 3 is depressing.
I hate January too it is just a bad month-nothing happens, it is cold, and dark, and there is nothing to look forward to. I wish I was off travelling somewhere.
I have done hardly any writing since I have been off, and not enough reading either. I have been socialising and spending, and drinking too much. Christmas is like a lost bit of time, and a break from reality. I especially find the days between Christmas and New Year odd, as is Christmas over? Should I stop eating so much? I have had a good time though, and for New Year I went to London and watched the fireworks, which were great.
I have also been pestering every magazine for work experience, and I have had little response. I am consoling my self over the lack of response by thinking that before Christmas and New Year is a bad time to contact magazines; however, I was expecting a few responses today from the magazines I have contacted before Christmas-nothing.
I have got the January blues, which are not helped by the fact that the press is says that this year is going to bring nothing but financial gloom, and depression - the year when I actually have to try and get a decent job and move away. That is another thing - I really want to move away, I am bored of Cornwall and I want to have my own place, a good job and have everything - now! But I have to wait until I graduate, and then I probably won't even get a job, as un-emplyment is set to rise dramatically and the media, newspaper and magazine sales are meant to get worse, hey ho, what's the point in this year? Though, I have always had a good feeling about 2009, as nine is one of my lucky numbers, though so is 5 and 2005 was rubbish, anyway Happy New Year.

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