Thursday, 29 January 2009

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I am being forced to conform to the new world of technology, and to be honest I am not that impressed. If anybody actually looked at any of this (blog, website etc.), who was of professional importance, maybe I would be more convinced, but at the moment I can’t see how it can do anything for me professionally!

My friend, Sam (who is following this blog) is a techy, and she has sometimes said to me, when I don’t know about something technological, ‘What? I can’t believe you don’t know …..’, and I have always replied that I am bookish. I took English Literature – you didn’t need technology, but now I do, and it hasn’t impressed me so far – probably because I still don’t understand it.

You see, today we had a session on blogging, and I am trying to come to grips with it. Also, this week I have been working a bit on my Venezuela feature ‘Controlled Currency’, which still needs work. I always do it to myself – pick something too complicated for my frivolous and fancy free mind. I am starting one on construction companies going bust starting off with my home town Newquay, as it is quite an extreme case. Lots of flats started getting built for posh, rich, London surfers (f**k off!!! - Joking). Last year the Guardian said how it was booming, as (my friend actually) sold a place for a lot of £££££’s to be changed into posh flats and it used to be a shitty backpackers - with skint surfers (ah those were the days…).

Excited about work experience at Now magazine – exciting opportunity. Also Wed is coming up, which will be fun, and interesting. The editor of Wed launched the magazine herself, so it will be great to talk to her.

I went to watch ‘The Life and Works of Hunter S. Thompson’ last night, which was good – he wasn’t quite as crazy as I had thought he would be, as it showed a balanced view of him. I may be inspired to write some gonzo style journalism soon.


Samantha Cooper said...

This was an interesting read & your not the first to commenting on the "usefullness" of blogging...

Blogging is making it easy for you, this is a perfect example where you are using existing tools (you don't need to understand web programming!) to get yourself and your work advertised on the net! (Think about how much your inceasing your potential audience and therefore opportunities)

...and is it useful is your question?! You don't know who is searching on the net and although such user-generated content is nothing new it's something that many small/large companies and even individuals are having to understand to make sure they aren't lagging behind society

p.s If you are serious about your blog you might need to "market" it more... this is an interesting post:

Clare said...

Thanks Sam! You are going out in London tonight - I saw on twitter! How do I reply on that thing - do I put @sam (can't remember you twitter name!) in my message box? Have a good time tonight, and I will speak to you soon xx

Samantha Cooper said...

I just replied on twitter :-) yes you just need to add @ followed by the persons username (mine is samcooper11)

Yeah I went out in London last night - was in a club in soho was really good but LATE got back about 4:15am!

Clare said...

Aww cool! What was the club called that you went to?