Tuesday, 13 January 2009


For my MA project I’m thinking of creating a magazine aimed at female students, but first I have to find out if there is a market for this, so if you are a female student please take this survey:

It will be a huge help, and it is not very long.
Thank you.
(If the link does not work as a link then copy and paste it into the address box, and it goes straight to the survey J)


Samantha Cooper said...
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Samantha Cooper said...

Survey looks good - surveymonkey worked well then :-)

I'm glad to see your making use of technology with your blog as well!! Next time we meet up i'll show you some more cool stuff you can do with other Google gadgets....your soon become a "proper" geek!

Clare said...

Thanks Sam! I want more people to follow my blog, as I need them to take my survey!