Friday, 23 January 2009


There hasn’t been much going on this week. There is no guest speaker, and I am yet to pick up a new book – so I am still with the psycho Mike Engleby.
We have the opportunity to write for stranger magazine, for business writing. It promotes events in Cornwall, Bristol, London and Brighton. Also, for features we are putting together a features supplement targeted at the Sunday Independent (though it is not actually going in The Independent, unfortunately). All of the features have to be about the credit crunch, and I think that I will do something on property or fashion.
I have got some work experience at NOW magazine up in London for two weeks and this is on top of the Wed one. This will be good – even though I am not sure how I feel about staying in a backpackers for two weeks, but it will be worth it.
I can’t afford to go to the London book fair now because of the work experience, but I’m not too bothered, because Now will be more valuable to me.
I am going to see a documentary on Hunter S. Thompson, and Gonzo journalism next Wednesday, which will be interesting, as I don’t know much about Gonzo journalism. I did read about Hunter S. Thompson in Elle one time – a story from his wife/partner, and I have seen Fearing Loathing in Las Vegas, even though I always seem to fall asleep in it…maybe it is because it is so soothing….

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